ECONIC ethical clothing was founded in mid 2019 after a creative brainstorm session between marathonrunner Massimiliano Milani (Italian) and creative mind Erwin Nijenhuis (Dutch).

Massi won the New York marathon (45+) 2018 in a custom designed running singlet made (by Erwin) from recycled coffee grounds and recycled plastic. Massi was not only thrilled by winning the marathon BUT also about the shirt. The best shirt i've ever worn he said and that made us start thinking.

What if we make a brand that makes you feel double happy?
First: you feel happy because you help cleaning up our environment (ECONIC recycles 3 cups of coffee and 5 plastic bottles to make 1 shirt PLUS you don't have to wash the shirt after each activity because it will keep you FRESH for days!)

(Did you know each time you wash a polyester shirt millions of microscopic plastic fibers end in our waters because our washing machines cannot filter it out and did you know 700 liters of water is needed to make 1 cotton shirt?)

Second: you feel happy because you get to wear a supersoft, breathable, dryFAST, UV resistant and ODORFREE shirt that will keep you fresh for days!

We started production of the first ECONIC eco active T-shirts in august 2019 and we made many people allover the world double happy already.

We like to make you double happy too!
Order your ECONIC shirt(s) now, tell your colleagues, family and friends and show your support. For custom enquiries for teams, clubs and companies pls mail us.

In 2022 we want to recycle 300.000 cups of coffee and 500.000 plastic bottles...

Pictures are very welcome and will be placed on the website.

Massi is running the New York marathon again this year (2019) and off course his goal is to win it in an awesome ECONIC running singlet (available in our shop). Massi Milani came in second in 2019...

eco + iconic = ECONIC the eco functional brand
I am responsible I love my ECONIC shirt

GOAL 2022

recycle 300.000 cups of coffee and 500.000 plastic bottles.

3 cups of coffee and 5 plastic bottles make 1 ECONIC shirt...