ECONIC Recycles 3 Cups of Coffee and 5 Plastic Bottles

to make 1 Supersoft Ultra Functional shirt

ECONIC clothing is:

* antibacterial
* breathing
* cooling
* comfortable
* dryFAST
* eco friendly
* lightweight
* ODOR FREE (never smells of sweat)
* Perfect fit
* sustainable
* sweat wicking
* UV resistant


You just need 2 ECONIC shirts to be Fresh all the time!


Massimiliano Milani, Italy

Hi There, i am Massi Milani,

I ran the New York marathon in a Xtreme functional running tank top from ECONIC and I got 2nd in my age group 45+ in 2h27.

ECONIC shirts make me very happy. Happy because i help cleaning our environment (ECONIC recycles 3 cups of coffee and 5 plastic bottles to make 1 shirt) and happy because ECONIC shirts are a delight to wear!

I wear ECONIC when i run, to office, to the gym, in my free time, basically always. The shirts never stink, a patented washing keeps you fresh for days!

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ECONIC, together we can!

HI there, i have some great news to share with you:

ECONIC makes eco active shirts that make you double happy.

1. you help us cleaning our environment!
2. you get to wear shirts that are a real delight to wear!

To make 1 eco active shirt ECONIC recycles 3 cups of coffee and 5 plastic bottles! The fabric is awesome. Supersoft, lightweight, dryFAST, UV resistant and odorfree. It will keep you FRESH for days!

Feel double happy and order your ECONIC shirt(s) now for yourself, your club and/or company

THX in advance



recycle 300.000 cups of coffee and 500.000 plastic bottles.

3 cups of coffee and 5 plastic bottles make 1 ultra functional ECONIC shirt...